How it works

-Step 1: Free consultation

The consultation is a video call or phone call with Ollie (the Wise Nutrition founder). We'll talk about your goals, what you struggle with and exactly what you want to get out of working with a leading nutritionist.

-Step 2: Start your 3 month program

During the 3 months you can expect....

-Daily communication with your nutritionist

-Gentle reminders, tips and advice

-Analysis of your current diet

-Analysis of your current fitness levels

-Advised dietary changes necessary to achieve your goals

-Supplement recommendations

-Meal/snack suggestions for better health

-Supervised or non-supervised fitness sessions

-A weekly check-in call

-Lot's of learning about diet myths


-Step 3: Become Stronger, Fitter, Healthier and Happier

After 3 months working with us.....

-You will be healthier, fitter, more confident, part of a community who cares and above all happier in your self.

-You will no longer be feeling confused about health and fitness having had 3 months of clear instruction and advice from your Nutritionist.

-You will feel like a valued member of the Wise Nutrition community having spent the last 3 months interacting with our amazing team.

-You will understand exactly what it means to "eat a healthy diet' and have total confidence in your food choices.

-You will have made necessary changes to your diet to ensure it's healthy, sustainable and enjoyable

-You will have been guided on taking any necessary supplements that will improve health and fitness with advice on optimal dosages and reliable products.

-You will have undertaken certain physical challenges as directed by your Nutritionist which will already be taking effect. You'll be feeling fitter, stronger and more energised. Your confidence will be through the roof.

-You will have addressed your specific concerns regarding nutrition and fitness and given clear advice on how to overcome them.


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