Get Stronger Programme

Welcome to Wise Fitness Academy's free Get Stronger programme.

This 3 x per week, home based workout is accessible to all older adults no matter what your current level of health and fitness is. Each workout is approximately 20-30 minutes and consists of just 3 exercises that will give you a full body workout.

To summarise:

  • 3 x workout per week
  • Approx 20-30 mins per workout
  • Home based
  • No equipment needed

The Get Stronger programme is not a hack or a shortcut (because these simply do not exist). It will require some effort on your part but I will guide you along the way.

It encompasses all the basic steps needed to preserve and grow muscle mass and strength without any of the unnecessary complications.

As we age we naturally lose muscle mass and strength and there is only 1 way to prevent it - resistance training!

Wise Fitness Academy exists to challenge and ultimately change the paradigm that older adults will inevitably become frail and lose their independence. It does not have to be this way. Don't be a victim of the norm. Join the academy and become stronger and healthier.

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