How it works...

Monthly workout cycles

All members do the same monthly home workout which consists of 3 sessions per week. Members will be sent full walk through videos with detailed instructions and guidance.

Older adults fit

Older adults fit

Monthly video call with Ollie

At the end of each month you'll have a check in call with Ollie to see how you're progressing and to discuss any issues.

Dietary advice

Ollie will also provide bespoke dietary advice to ensure a you're optimising for health, strength and muscle mass.

Older adults fit

Older adults fit

Be part of the community

Be part of the Facebook group where all members discuss how they are finding the workouts and share their own tips and experiences

What our clients are saying...

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Sarah London

"It's been 20 years since I last properly exercised. I can feel my strength and confidence slowly returning. These really are online workouts for older adults" 

Ted Cornwall

"The beginners road map was great. Once I signed up I just followed the daily guide. Older adults fitness has never been so easy"

Jacqui Bristol

"I do the workouts in my living room. I normally choose the 20 minute body weight workouts for beginners but I've done some of the intermediate ones as well. I'm definitely getting fitter and stronger"

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