Exercise is a crucial part of staying fit and healthy with age. The question is, what type of exercise is best? How often should you do it? And how do you go about doing it? Wise Fitness Academy has the answers.

Nutrition is a complex topic in all stages of life, but in older age there are certain things that become very important. The population level guidelines don't come close to explaining your critical nutrition needs, but Wise Fitness Academy does.


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Regular readers of Wise Fitness Academy...

Sarah London

"I noticed a considerable loss of strength in my early 70's and wanted to prevent losing more. Learning how to build my strength with the correct exercises was invaluable for me" 

Ted Cornwall

"I tried to learn about better nutrition and kept coming up against conflicting information. Wise Fitness Academy is clear and concise"

Jacqui Bristol

"The information provided just makes sense. It seems so obvious after reading it." 

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