Best running shoes for seniors

Best running shoes for seniors

*last updated May 2024*

The best running shoes for seniors or older adults are no different to runners of other ages. You just need to find a shoe that fits well and that you find comfortable.

In this article we'll explore 3 of the best running shoe brands. I guarantee you will find the perfect running shoe for you.

Let's get to it.

Saucony running shoes

(Click for the USA website)

Saucony are fantastic at making running shoes for all terrains and foot types and I've listed them first as they are my personal favourite.

As you can see from the above picture, they have a wide variety of more specialised running shoes. The stability options might be a wise choice for those of you who are newer to walking or running.

Saucony have been around since 1898 meaning they have over a century of running behind them. They truly are a powerhouse in the running world and deservedly so.

Their running shoes are first grade.

I've probably worked my way through over 20 pairs of Saucony running shoes and I have nothing bad to say about them. I guess that says a lot about how good they are.

Hoke One One running shoes

(Click for the USA website)

Hoka are a much newer company but made an immediate splash in the running world with their great running shoe offerings.

When placing an order online, they leave no stone unturned to find out the best type of running shoe for you:

  • Wide or narrow feet
  • type of terrain you'll be on
  • high arch of flat arch.

All these key features are taken into account before a range of running shoes most suited to you are displayed.

Personally I love the Hoka style. They have a great variety of colours that will suit all personality types. For me, the more vibrant the better!

Brooks running shoes for seniors

(Click for the USA website)

Brooks are another great option in a similar price range to Hoka and Saucony.

Their flagship store is based in Seattle, Washington and they have another huge base in Amsterdam, Europe.

Brooks started out in 1914 making Ballet shoes and throughout the century they moved onto making baseball cleats, roller skates, children's shoes, soft ball cleats and then focused on being at the forefront on running shoes technology.

The history of their running shoes technology is fascinating and for those of you who have been running for many years will appreciate the style evolution as well. You can take a look by clicking here

Personally, I am a huge fan of the "ghost" model and I know many people within my extended running community here in Cornwall (south west, UK) that also swear by them, my wife included.

Best running shoes for seniors (2nd picture)

Is running good for seniors?


Just like all exercise types, if you can incorporate running into your routine and enjoy doing it then it's likely a great choice for you.

As with most exercise types, it's always far to binary to say "yes" its good or "no" its bad for you. We often see bold statements like this on the front of fitness magazines or news headlines. It's simply sensationalist nonsense designed to make you click and read.

Of course there will be some people who will struggle with running such as those with arthritis in certain joints or others who are more frail. If running seems a little bit too farfetched for you then there are still loads of other exercise types you can do instead.

If you're able to run with relative comfort and enjoy it, then it could be a great choice of exercise for you, and having a good pair of running trainers will make all the difference.

Beginning running as a senior

Running isn't a particularly easy choice of exercise. The nature of the sport is quite challenging and so if you're a beginner it may take some time to really build a good level of running fitness.

Even running a few hundred metres at a slow pace as a beginner can be very challenging. However, as with all exercise types, you start slow and build up over time. This concept is called progressive overload and its as the name suggests, it's the key to getting better at something over time.

If you've never run before and fancy giving it a go, I would start my simply doing some regular walks and building your fitness from there. The best running shoes for seniors will be exactly the same for walking. I have a great article on walking which you can read here

Is running enough to stay fit and healthy as a senior?

In short, no it isn't.

Whilst running is a great exercise option and will be enough to maintain great cardiovascular fitness, resistance training still needs to be incorporated. This is the case of all ages but seniors and older adults in particular.

There is no substitute for resistance training and it is utterly crucial for maintaining (or even growing) muscle mass and strength. Without it, you will lose muscle mass and strength over time and this loss will accelerate with age.

Take a look at the free Get Stronger Programme which is a simple resistance based programme you can do from home.

Best running shoes for seniors - Conclusion

You are guaranteed to find a great running shoes using the 3 shoes brands I have recommended in this article. Use their great websites to help guide you and on what might be most suited to you.

Sometimes it does require a bit of trial and error but you won't go too far wrong on your journey to finding the best shoe for you.

If you have any questions then please feel free to email me (Ollie) at You can also join the Facebook community group.

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